Remote Fashion Summer Shoots in Curacao

Remote Summer Fashion Shoots Chicas at Work

Remote Fashion Summer Shoots is one of the options we have offered our clients for the past decade. It’s the perfect solution for clients who are not able to travel (time-wise) or haven’t got the big-budget to fly out to the Caribbean with a complete team. Clients send their collection and according to a complete briefing from the client, we produce the campaign here in Curacao. 

Now more than ever, remote shoots seem to be more relevant because of the Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19). Even though borders re-opened, the chance of them being closed down again is also a reality to consider in the case of new outbreaks (3rd and 4th waves?). Which makes planning a complete overseas production an expensive risk in case of cancellation. Therefore remote shoots seem like a short-term (and maybe long-term) solution for brands and production companies.

Remote Summer Fashion Shoots Production in the Caribbean

A (Remote) Fashion Summer Shoot in Curacao Possible Now?

Curacao’s Current Traveling Advice Status: 

Last updated: 22nd of March 2021

Curacao borders are still open for travelers from low and medium-risk countries & low-risk states. The requirements to gain entry to Curacao are;

  1. Digital immigration card
  2. Passenger locater card
  3. Depending on where you traveling from, a Negative PCR test

Click Here to find more information about traveling to Curacao.

Because of a spike in Covid-19 cases, as of Wednesday the 24th of March 2021, Curacao has re-instated the following rules that apply to everyone in Curacao (also tourists):

  • Stay @ Home (only allowed to leave the house for essentials such as groceries, medicines, vital jobs, etc)
  • License Plate Days (allowed to drive with your car 2 days per week on the days your license plate is valid. Only for essential purposes)
  • Curfew from 9 PM till 4:30 AM.

Meaning that we won’t be able to produce any (remote) shoots for the coming two weeks with a full crew and talents. The risk of contamination is too big at this moment.

However, we do think that because of the strict measurements we’ll be able to get back to work as soon as the numbers go down again. Because Curacao is a small island and as soon as the curve has flattened things go back to the ‘new normal’ quite fast. Since everything is outside it’s easy for us to set up our production in a way that is safe for crew and talents. So feel free to contact us about possibilities for the coming months!

Set Building by Chicas Productions

How does a Remote Shoot work?

In short; you send us your collection, brief us accordingly & we produce your campaign with a professional local team for you in Curacao. You can check out our portfolio (click on the tab – remote shoots), to see the remote shoots we have done in the past.

But first of all, you will have to decide if Curacao is the location you have in mind for your campaign. You can read our Blog ‘10 Reasons Why to Produce Your Summer Shoot in Curacao and also check out some locations in our blog Location, location, location. And at last but not least of course our beautiful beaches-blog The Perfect Beach for your Swimwear Campaign

Remote Summer Fashion Shoot in Curacao the Caribbean

If you consider a Remote Fashion Summer Shoot on Curacao…

We are aware that a remote production needs trust, transparent communication & 100% commitment. That’s why we will make sure that before we will kick off your production, everybody will be on the same page in terms of mutual expectations.

Here is a summary of the information we will need to see if we can cater your needs for a production in Curacao;

  • Do you already have a shoot plan and what is the deadline for the final material?
  • How many images do you need for your new campaign?
  • What does your collection look like and how many items you need to shoot?
  • Do you also need films and or extra content for your social media?
  • Do you already have your (sample) collection available and when can you send it to Curacao?
  • What kind of locations are you looking for? E. g. beach, street, private villa?
  • Do you have a creative concept or a mood board for your upcoming shoot? And/or can you send an example of your previous shoot(s)?
  • Do you want to book local talent? If yes, how many models do you want to use (note: kids for half days only), in what age & size range?

As soon as we have received your input, we will put together a tailored proposal including an online location & casting package and a ballpark estimate. During this process, we will set up a video call to talk things through. Finally, after approval, we would need you to send your collection to Curacao, together with a detailed art direction/styling brief for the shoot.

Remote Summer Fashion Shoot with Flamingo

And what if the world goes back to normal and we are allowed to hug each other and travel everywhere again?

Well, then we are here and ready to welcome you and your team here on our beautiful island in the Caribbean. Of course, you are more than welcome to use the Remote Summer Fashion Shoots option, if that is the best way for you to go. However, we would recommend coming solely because Curacao is a beautiful place – one you should see and experience with your own eyes! Fresh Coconut is on us!

Chicas Productions Curacao at your Service!

For any inquiries about REMOTE SUMMER FASHION SHOOTS and/or a campaign production on Curacao, you are more than welcome to email us or use the contact form below!

For now, stay healthy, positive, and save!

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