Location Scouting

We know the importance of finding the perfect location for your Caribbean shoot. That’s why we will be more than happy to assist you in finding and securing the right spot! 

Curacao is a great place with its tropical white sand beaches, modern beach clubs and beautiful blue waters. But there’s more: Curacao also has rocky areas, red sand landscapes, amazing private houses and the colorful city center. In other words: the tropical Caribbean island of Curacao has it al!

We have lots of knowledge of the island and its possibilities. In the last decade we have established great connections with location owners and local authorities. As a result, we can ensure you great deals on location fees.

For a glance of what Curacao has to offer, please click here.

In the last few years we have created our own extensive database with a great variety of locations. Upon request, we can send you an online proposal. After that we can assign you a location scout, secure your locations and help with further inquiries.

Location scout services:

  • Location proposal
  • Location scout
  • Clearing the location
  • Permits
  • Change management
  • Planning
  • Negotiating location fees
  • Communication with location owner or government authorities
  • Camera and lighting requirements

Please feel free to contact us for a location proposal! 




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