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Chicas Casting Agency represents experienced & non-experienced talent from all ages (0-100 years) and nationalities for photo shoots, social media campaigns, catalog and look book shoots. We also provide (background) extras for commercials, films, telenovelas, and television shows/series. So if you would like to be part of one of these events one day, you are more than welcome to join our agency.

From registration to shoot…

Registration within Chicas Casting Agency is free of charge. You can register by filling out our online registration form or you can visit one of our public casting days. Once you are registered we will create a casting profile in our database with your personal information & casting pictures. We will present your profile to potential clients for a possible booking. Chicas can use your pictures for promotional purposes. Any other companies are not allowed to use your pictures. Once a client selects you for a production, Chicas will negotiate on your behalf, always discussing the fee and the shoot planning with you prior to the actual event. A couple of days prior to the shooting you will receive a detailed briefing with all details, like shoot date, time, location and things you need to bring to set.

Keep us up-to-date

Update us regularly, especially the youngsters! Kids grow up fast, so we would like to request to send us an update with recent information (height and sizes) and recent photos every 6 months. For adults, it’s only necessary to update once a year or whenever you have physical changes like a new hairdo, weight loss/gain, new tattoos, etc. We also would like you to keep us informed about new phone numbers, a pregnancy, long-term holidays and/or migration. Finally: if you have any great recent pictures of yourself, don’t hesitate to send them to us so we can add them to your casting profile. You can easily use our online register & update form.

Picture guidelines…

In order to represent you the best possible way we would love to receive some good head shots (looking straight into the camera, smiling, non-smiling & both sides of your face) and at least one full body image. Please avoid pictures with sunglasses, with too much make-up or face paint or wearing costumes. Just so you know: the better your pictures, the better we can represent you!

Chicas Casting Day…

Every year we organize a casting day at a public location on Curacao. During this event talent can register or update their portfolio. After every casting day everyone who stops by will receive one of his/her casting pictures. The best images will be uploaded in your casting profile together with your personal & contact information. Our next casting day will be announced on our Facebook page.

Any questions…?

If you have any questions regarding your registration or about casting in general, please check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If you can’t find the answer you were looking for feel free to contact us or call us at +5999 6706475.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

★ Do I need to have any specific features or experience…?
No. Casting is for everyone. However you have to feel comfortable in front of a camera with lots of people around you.
★ I don’t have any good pictures. Can I still register…?
Sure you can. However, if you really feel that casting is your thing you should consider reaching out to a (professional) photographer and invest in some portfolio shots. In order to represent you the best possible way we would love to receive some good head shots (looking straight into the camera, smiling, non-smiling & both sides of your face) and at least one full body image. Please avoid pictures with sunglasses, with too much make-up or face paint or wearing costumes. Just so you know: The better your pictures, the better we can represent you!
★ What does Chicas expect from me once I’m registered…?

First of all: patience. Unfortunately we can’t predict our next casting projects and / or the client’s casting choices. Besides this we need an update from you (info & recent images) at least once a year. As for our youngest talent (kids between 0-10 years old) we would like to receive an update every 6 months. It’s very simple: if your profile is not up-to-date, we are not able to represent you. And finally, if you booked for a job, we appreciate a positive and flexible attitude.

★ What is Chicas looking for when scouting for new faces…?
Our team is always looking for an interesting and beautiful face, unique talent and creative experience.
★ Do I have to live on Curacao…?
Yes, you have to live on Curacao to be represented by Chicas, since we don’t cover any travel expenses for shoots, castings or fittings. If you live on one of the other Caribbean islands e.g. Bonaire or Aruba you are welcome to register too. But please realize that once you’ve been booked for a job all extra expenses will be on your own account.
★ Is my child appropriate for casting…?
You know your child best and the most important thing is that your child will enjoy the experience. Your youngster needs to be enthusiastic about participating in a shoot, loves to be in the spotlight and can handle being the center of attention. If your child is very shy and not comfortable with people they just met than casting might be something that is not for your junior…
★ I am under the age of 18. Do I need approval from my parent/guardian…?
Yes. If you register online at Chicas Casting Agency you will need to give us your parent/guardian contact details. If you get booked for a job we will contact both you and your parent/guardian to discuss the job. On the shoot day a model release form needs to be filled out and has to be signed by one parent/guardian.
★ I’ve registered. When will I get a job…?
Joining Chicas Casting Agency does not mean we can guarantee a job. A final booking depends on the casting requests we receive from our clients and if your features meet their specific requirements. We do our utmost for all of our talent, but unfortunately we can’t make any guarantees.
★ Do I always get paid when I get booked and how much will it be…?

In most cases, yes! Fees vary per booking though. We will negotiate the fee on your behalf and will discuss this with you prior to the final booking. In some cases our client will not pay cash but will offer another way of payment. Because we do mainly castings for non-professional models or background actors (extras) the fees are not very high. So don’t give up your daily job…!

★ What can I expect on a shoot day…?
First of all: a lot of fun and a great day full of new experiences! You get to know professional people from all over the world and get the chance to see how a real production works. But also note that these days require some patience. Photographers and directors are fully reliable of the weather conditions (sun, rain, wind) and we all know that we can’t control human nature… So patience is the key word!
★ I am booked for a casting job but I don’t want to do it anymore…?
If you’re booking is final and communicated with you through phone or email we – and our client! – 100% count on you. We expect our models to take responsibility when they agree to a job, they be on time and act in the best possible behavior.
★ Do I need to fix my own hair & make-up and should I bring my own clothes…?
In most cases there will be a hair & make-up artist on set, so then we will brief you to come au naturel (no make-up, clean hair) to set. For most fashion/catalogue shoots a stylist will bring a collection which you will be wearing. However, other types of shoots (commercials, life style shoots) the stylist or art director could ask you to bring some basic casual cloths, shoes/flip flops and accessories. But no worries, we will make sure that you will be briefed a couple of days before the actual shoot about any hair, make-up or wardrobe wishes, so you can prepare.
★ Do I need to inform Chicas about any changes?<br />
Yes, please. You can update us anytime on a new haircut or contact info. If you’ve been booked for a job we can ask you for a recent “polaroid” (picture taken that same day), just to make sure that you have the same look as in your profile. That way there won’t be any surprises once on set.
★ Will I get the results of the shoot…?
We can’t 100% guarantee that you will get the final shots. However, in most of the cases we will get hard copies (magazines/catalogue) or digital files for our cast. Please keep in mind that the finals you will get can only be given to you when the campaign is officially launched. Sometimes that will take a couple of weeks and/or even months. And please note that any finals you will receive are for your own use only. So in any case, you are not allowed to use the material for other commercial use.
★ Where is Chicas located…?
Chicas is located in Bottelier. Whenever we need to see talent prior to a shoot for a casting, a fitting or an audition we will make an appointment and send over our address and directions by email.



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