Our TOP 12 Favorite Fashion Shoots in Curacao

VOGUE cover with TopModel Erin Wasson and Erin Wasson with Dolphin on Curacao
CLIENT: Vogue Nederland | PHOTOGRAPHY: Petrovsky & Ramone

If you have a look at our portfolio you can see that we have done some pretty amazing productions here in Curacao. Every fashion shoot, editorial, swim and beachwear campaign or commercial we have produced over the last decade are in their own way – all works of art. However, there are a few that blew us away and we just can’t get enough of. Therefore, we would love to share them with you! Here are our Top 12 Favorite Fashion Shoots in Curacao! Enjoy!


Our TOP Favorite Fashion Shoots in Curacao
CLIENT: Vogue Nederland | PHOTOGRAPHY: Petrovsky & Ramone

There is just fire and beauty in every image of this editorial fashion shoot for VOGUE (Nederland). When you put powerhouses together like the photography duo Petrovsky & Ramone and a supermodel like Erin Wasson that’s when the magic happens. And that’s why VOGUE is our number #1 in our top 12 favorite fashion shoots!

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Kids Casting by Chicas Casting Agency for NOPPIES
CLIENT: Noppies | PHOTOGRAPHY: Fiona Ruhe

One of our specialties is ‘Children’s Shoots’ and kids fashion shoots like Noppies make our producer’s hearts beat faster. Everything about this shoot is just mesmerizing. The color gradings, props, the kids in combination with the choice of locations. It just works, doesn’t it? In addition, all kids are from Curacao and can be booked through our casting agency.

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#3 JAN Magazine

JAN Magazine cracked cley soil with model and salt panes in Curacao
CLIENT: JAN Magazine | PHOTOGRAPHY: Eric van den Elsen & Richard Truscott

Coming in at #3 in our TOP 12 of favorite fashion shoots is JAN magazine. This shoot is amazing to us because it shows the Curacao landscapes in a very beautiful and detailed manner. For example, the photo with the model laying on a red, clay, cracked soil. That photo is made at one of our favorite shoot locations on Curacao. A desert area on the Northside of the island. Another shot made on a not very obvious ‘Caribbean Location’ is the photo with a completely white background. It looks like desert sand but in fact, its soil completely covered with salt on one of the salt panes here on Curacao. Check out our Locations Blog for more Curacao locations.

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INTERMIX on of the favorite fashion shoots produced by Chicas Curacao
CLIENT: Intermix NY | PHOTOGRAPHY: Olivia Malone

Yeah, we just love everything about this shoot! They picked a couple of our favorite locations. This shoot also shows that Curacao is so much more than just pretty beaches.

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Our TOP Favorite Fashion Shoots in Curacao
CLIENT: Protest Sportswear | PHOTOGRAPHY: Harper Smith

This to us is the ultimate tropical image. It gives us that Blue Lagoon feel. While Curacao has no green lush rain forest – it has a few location options (like this one) that paint the perfect paradise picture.

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Also, check out PROTEST Men here!


One of our favorite kids fashion shoots on Curacao
CLIENT: Vingino | PHOTOGRAPHY: Elmar Krop

Vingino has been our client for many years and its always so much fun to produce their shoots with them here on Curacao. Besides they became part of the Chicas family they always come up with great themes for their campaigns. And we get to build them!

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#7 LINDA. Magazine

Actress Maartje van de Wetering for LINDA Magazine on Curacao

It was hard to pick a favorite from LINDA. Magazine because all the shoots we have produced over the past years are amazing. But if we have to pick one, this one catches our eye every time. It was so much fun to see Dutch Actrice Maartje van de Wetering transform into Marilyn Monroe.

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Super Model Helena Christensen on Curacao for Debenhams
CLIENT: Debenhams | PHOTOGRAPHY: Max Abadian

Supermodel Helena Christensen, well… we do not have to tell you why this shoot is in our Top 12 favorite Fashion Shoots. Its Helena Christensen! Celebrity Supermodel Bucketlist – check!

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Super Model Imaan Hamam for Supertrash on Curacao is our favorite
CLIENT: SuperTrash | PHOTOGRAPHY: Klaas Jan Kliphuis

So many feels with this photo. It’s just such a strong image featuring Imaan Hamam. It’s uber-cool. Sexy. It’s raw. Daring. It’s fun and tuff. As we said, so many feels! And absolute one that can’t miss in our top favorite fashion shoots on Curacao. Cool fact; the handsome cowboy on the photo is the owner of the truck and also has a career as Chicas Model 😉

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Kids for Sunuva on Curacao Chicas Casting Agency

Also one of our favorite fashion shoots is this one from Sunuva. It’s such a lovely picture and a beautiful display of the amazing beaches we have on Curacao. We actually have 32 of them… Just saying 😉

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Ashley Graham posing on boat for Swimsuitsforall in her own collection

We’ve had the pleasure to work with Ashley Graham a couple of times. Besides that she’s a lovely personality – her work is stunning! Making our Caribbean Island instant Glamorous. This photo was taken for her beachwear line in collaboration with the leading US Online Swimsuit seller Swimsuitsforall.



Amazing Photo for Riachuelo Produced in the City in Curacao
CLIENT: Riachuelo | PHOTOGRAPHY: Joao Vegas

Riachuelo, our client from Brasil made the right choice to come to Curacao. Their campaign is a complete color explosion and captured Curacao in such a playful & beautiful way. And that’s why it’s in our top favorite fashion shoots in Curacao.

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We hope you have enjoyed our Favorite Top Fashion Shoots in Curacao. Let us know what your favorite is!

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