The Perfect Beach for your Swimwear Campaign

Client: Protest | Photography: Mick de Lint

If you are looking for the perfect beach for your next swimwear campaign you definitely have to read on!

Situated about 6 miles from the southeast coast of Curacao is a little island called Klein Curacao (Little Curacao). With the size of only two square kilometers, it’s indeed little – but grand in its beauty. Although the island is not much more than a big rock with barely any vegetation, the long stretched beach with its smashing aqua blue waters will take your breath away.

Sailboat with Klein Curacao as backdrop
Client: Swimsuitsforall | Photography: Michael Edwards

The uninhabited island is visited by tourists and locals to enjoy a day on the beach and practice watersports like snorkeling, scuba diving, kiting, surfing and fishing. On some occasions for a weekend of sleeping under the stars. Just a ten-minute walk from the beach you can visit the magnificent historical abandoned pink lighthouse.

Light House on Klein Curacao
Abandoned historical lighthouse on Klein Curacao | Photography: Chicas Productions Curacao

When choosing Klein Curacao as a shoot destination there are a few things to consider.

Budget: Shooting on Klein Curacao comes with a price tag. You will have to rent a private charter to get to the island. There is a wide range of charters available and will vary in price depending on how many people they can carry and how much room for equipment there is required. There are also yachts and sailboats available that are suitable for shooting. Private charter rates vary from $750 to $2500 a day. On a positive note… shooting on Klein Curacao is free of charge, so you will save on location fee costs!

Charter & Crew on Klein Curacao
Behind the scenes on Klein Curacao

The boat ride: depending on the weather the boat ride to the island can be quite rough at times because of the wind and the current. Despite the short travel time of approximately 1 to 1,5 hours, it can be a challenge for those with a weak stomach.

But there is good news…! Compared to the outward journey the way back is blissful smooth sailing. So you can sit back and relax on the deck, sip on a local beer while enjoying the Caribbean sunset. How’s that for a perfect ending-of-a-shoot day!

Its a Wrap!
Private Charter with Chicas Productions Crew & Client Swimsuitforall

Early start: if you want to shoot with early light and an empty beach (and you absolutely want to do this!) you will have to leave with the charter around 5:30 AM. Because the boat ride can be rocky it will not work to prep make-up on the charter itself. You will have to do this either at the hotel before departure or at arrival at Klein Curacao. But hey, the early bird catches the worm!

Beach hut with model
Client: Hunkemöller | Photography: Petrovsky & Ramone

With all these things into consideration, we have done many productions on Klein Curacao and we can tell you that it’s definitely worthwhile. The results are simply amazing!

Click here if you would like to receive a quotation for a shoot on Klein Curacao.

Campaign image on Klein Curacao
Client: Riachuelo | Drone shot: Kevin Newton

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