Why Casting Kids in Curacao is a good idea!

Kids Casting on Curacao is a good idea
Twin boys for Vingino

If you are looking for a stress-free and affordable destination for your next children fashion campaign, look no further! Chicas has its own kids casting agency and therefore Curacao is a great option for your future kids shoot. We will explain why…!

Here are the key benefits:

Perfect mixture of kids

Kids from Curacao for Protest Sportswear

Because of its colonial history, Curacao became a beautiful melting pot of ethnic backgrounds which gives a perfect reflection of today’s society. With over 50 nationalities living on the island, it’s just a matter of finding the right faces for your brand and campaign.


Behind the scenes with Chicas for client Shade Critters

With Curacao being such an international society, many of the children are bilingual. Most of the kids understand and/or speak English next to the languages that are spoken in their homes like Papiamentu, Dutch & Spanish. This makes it easy to communicate with the kids on set. This will definitely benefit the quality of your shoot.

The real beach look

Are you looking for kids with a surf look?
Teenager for Sunuva

For your beachwear or swimwear production, you want to go for that surf dude / beach girl look. With Curacao’s typical Caribbean lifestyle most of the kids grow up on and around the water. And with this island lifestyle comes the look.

No travel expenses

Toddler boy for Maxi-Cosi

Because you can find the right mixture of children right here on the island you won’t have to fly in the kids talent and their caretaker(s). Which will save you a lot of budget!

Affordable casting fees

Affordable rates for kids casting on Curacao
Teenagers for Protest Sportswear

Another way you will be saving $$$ is on model fees. In Curacao, the casting rates are considerably lower than the average prices in Europe and America.

Reliable local casting agency

Reliable casting agency
Baby girl for Sunuva

Our in-house casting agency was set up as an addition to our production services. Chicas Casting Agency has become a household name in Curacao and one of the larger and stable casting agencies in the Caribbean. Over the last 11 years, we have become experts in kids productions.

Check out our portfolio to see our work and what’s possible in Curacao!

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