Bridging the Gap with Lands’ End

Model of Lands' End on the Queen Emma Bridge in Curacao
Client: Lands’ End | Photography: Daymion Mardel | Location: Queen Emma Bridge

This production for Lands’ End was awesome first of all because it’s Lands’ End (a cool brand with cool crew). Second, they chose a couple of interesting Curacao-landmarks as shoot locations. Let’s take a little tour around the island, shall we?

Queen Emma Bridge

The featured (top) image is taken on the Queen Emma Bridge. It’s famous because its the only bridge in the world that is designed this way. The pontoon-bridge consists of a deck that is supported by floats. If a vessel needs to pass – an operator uses two diesel engines to turn the propellers and open the bridge. Then, the bridge swings open to the right and is therefore lovingly referred to by locals as the ‘Swinging Old Lady’. The bridge connects (bridging the gap!) the two parts of the historical city center of Willemstad, the capital of Curacao.

The Queen Emma bridge was once a toll-bridge and for the individuals who had no shoes the passage was free of charge.


Willemstad is the capital of Curacao and is an UNESCO World Heritage site.
Client: Lands’ End | Photography: Daymion Mardel | Location: Willemstad

The most remarkable and recognizable landmark of Curacao is the historic city center of Willemstad, the capital of Curacao. Just like our ‘Swinging Old Lady’ the city of Willemstad is one of its kind. Because of its UNESCO World Heritage status, most of the buildings are protected as Historic monuments and kept in the authentic state. The European architecture in combination with the wild palette of colors makes this city, especially for photography – a unique shoot location.

Nature park Shete Boka

Lands' End model at Natural Park Shete Boca
Client: Lands’ End | Photography: Daymion Mardel | Location: Shete Boka

Shete Boka Nature Park lies on the North side of the island and is also a turtle reservation. The boka’s (inlets) are used by three different kinds of sea turtle species to nest and (luckily) most of them are hard to reach and not suitable for swimming. Nevertheless, the inlets that are reachable give you spectacular views and its amazing to see the waves crashing on the rocky walls.

Interested in shooting on one of these locations?

All locations above need to be arranged up-front and/or need permits. We can help you with that! Please check out our location management page!

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