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Artist Douwe Bob on Curacao for cover shoot L’HOMO

For this cover shoot of L’HOMO Dutch singer Douwe Bob let out his inner Cowboy. And it was steaming hot on set… yes, because of the Curacao sun! 😉

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Let’s shake things up a bit with Jan & Tim…

For the third year in a row L’HOMO came to town to shoot the cover & coverstory for the magazine. It’s always a big surprise who it’s going to be (usually a male Dutch actor and/or famous tv personality) and a well kept secret until the launch. This year it was double the fun with Jan & Tim. Two presenters of the controversial Dutch TV program ‘Spuiten & Slikken’. 

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Oh la la Kay Nambiar!

We LOVE our job! And especially this one goes on our favorite list! Hot stuff Kay Nambiar came to Curaçao and was photographed by Marc de Groot for L’HOMO. (LINDA. Magazine). All we can say is that, professionals as we are, we kept our heads cool and together with the Linda crew & Kay made this a great shoot with AWESOME results!

We can’t wait to get our hands on Kay uhh… the magazine!

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