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Updates are very important for us. With an updated profile we can represent you as a model the best. So don’t hesitate to send us updates regularly, especially our youngest models! Kids (0-10 years) grow up fast, so we would like to request to send us recent height, sizes and pictures every 6 months. For adults it’s only necessary to update once a year or whenever you have physical changes like a new hairdo, weight loss or gain, new tattoos etc. Don’t forget to inform us about new phone numbers, a pregnancy, long term holidays and/or migration. And don’t forget to upload your best recent images – preferabel head shots/close-ups…! Good luck & hope to see you soon for one of our upcoming castings and/or shoots. PS – you can also visit our Chicas casting days for a profile update! Our next casting event will be announced on Facebook & our news page.


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It's VERY important that we receive recent pictures (not older than 3 months for kids and not older than 1 year for adults). Hereby some tips/requirements regarding your images:

  • preferably single shots with a uniform background (white/grey)
  • at least one full body picture and a couple of close ups (head shots)
  • please show different facial expressions
  • avoid pictures with too much make-up, sunglasses and/or hats - we need to get a clear view on your eyes & face
  • we don't accept (Snapchat) filtered images
  • the better your pictures, the better we can represent you

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