Budget Campaigns

On a tight budget? We offer special package deals that make your shoot in the Caribbean possible!

While most of your budget goes into creating your new summer collection, you also need a strong campaign to sell your products right!? However, shooting your campaign overseas and/or in the Caribbean is an expensive endeavor. And because of your budget restraints, you are forced to stay close to home and make concessions. What if we told you that we can produce your shoot in the Caribbean possible starting from $4000.

This is an option that you might not have considered but could make all the difference for your campaign!

How it works;

First, you will tell us what you need and what budget you have available. Within this budget, we will try to find you the best deals on local professionals, locations, transportation, equipment rentals, lodging, (kids)casting, on-set catering and will then provide you with a ballpark estimate.

Second, if agreed on the estimate we will keep in close contact with you ahead of the shoot. It’s important to provide us with as many details about the campaign as possible so everything is crystal clear and we can get everyone involved on the same page.

We strongly recommend flying in at least 1 person to represent the brand/company during the shoot days. In this way, you make sure the right decisions can be made in case any problems or last changes occur. Which is usually the case in almost every production! Nevertheless, we have produced complete campaigns without anyone from the client present, so that’s totally up to you!

And last, you can bring the collection upon your arrival and/or ship the collection ahead of the shoot. We can assist you with the shipment process and customs handling.

If you think this is something for your brand/company, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to send you a ballpark!








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