JAN Magazine summer 2016 -
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JAN Magazine summer 2016

JAN Magazine summer 2016

We love to produce fashion editorials. We get the mood boards and than the fun starts. Location scouting! Editorials are usually not the white sand beach waving palm trees kinda locations – of course it’s always part of the Caribbean feel but also some more edgy and different kind of locations.

For JAN Magazine we went on location scout for two themes. Classic retro sport & and a 96′ summer feel. Below are the end results so you can see how that worked out… pretty awesome, right!

Client: JAN Magazine | Photography: Eric van den Elsen & Richard Truscott | Styling: Linda Gumus Gerritsen & Charissa Hogerheijde | Hair & make-up: Judith Neyens & Elise Haman | Production: Sanne Zwaan | Local production & location scout: Chicas Curacao | Casting male model: Chicas Casting Agency

08 Mode sport-2
08 Mode sport-3 08 Mode sport-4 08 Mode sport-5 08 Mode sport-608 Mode '96-1 08 Mode '96-2 08 Mode '96-3 08 Mode '96-4 08 Mode '96-5 08 Mode '96-6 08 Mode '96-7

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