LINDA.meiden with a rooaarrrrr... -
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LINDA.meiden with a rooaarrrrr…

LINDA.meiden with a rooaarrrrr…

LINDA.magazine just can’t get enough of Curacao (and we totally agree!). And we’re always happy to welcome the LINDA. crew back. Not only because they’re just totally awesome people, but being on the road with photographer Marc de Groot you never know where you will end up or what’s going to happen. Of course there is the usual location scout up front – so we do start our day prepared with the locations and route planned out for the day. But the fun starts when we start to go guerilla…

Shoot day 1 was for LINDA.meiden with Lisa Smit (Dutch actress). We started at 5am to pick up the crew and try to catch the early light. We drove past (or almost) a closed gas station when there was a loud ‘STOP!!!! this is COOL!!!’. So you hit the brakes, park and everyone jumps out the vans and starts setting up. We’re in a hurry because day is braking and there is a very short twilight here so close to the equator (and more locations to go). But with an oiled machine like the LINDA. team this is done very quickly and the end result is amazing!

We love this series and Lisa Smit did an awesome job. From quiet and easy going girl to funky tigress – Roaaaarrrrrrrrrr!

Photography: Marc de Groot | Hair & Make-up: Irena Ruben | Styling: Jos van Heel | Location scout & production: Chicas Curacao

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