JAN Magazine - Caribbean Fashion Photoshoot -
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JAN Magazine – Caribbean Fashion Photoshoot

JAN Magazine – Caribbean Fashion Photoshoot

We might be a tiny island (in kilometers) – but once you set foot on Curacao you can see that it holds many different cultural influences and amazing natural sceneries. That’s why the Caribbean island of Curacao is a perfect destination for spring and/or summer fashion shoots. 

The Dutch magazine JAN came to Curacao to shoot a couple of their ashion issues for summer 2016. Producing for a magazine like JAN is a dream come true. It’s edgy, high-fashion and great to see real artists at work! Glad we could be part of it! And the results speak for itself…

Photography: Eric van den Elsen | Styling: Linda Gumus Gerritsen & Charissa Hogerheijde | Hair & Make-up: Judith Neyens & Elise Hamam | Models: Karolina & Carolin | Production: Sparkproductions | Local Production: Chicas Curacao

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