Protest SS16 Men Women Collection is out! -
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Protest SS16 Men Women Collection is out!

You know what’s so great about producing on Curacao? The diversity and possibilities are endless. Ok, we might not have elephants and snow on the island but apart from that – we have awesome sceneries and backdrops to play around with. Together with the client we always find a way to create the look and feel they are going for. Than the results come in and we’re flabbergasted because it looks even better than we imagined!

This year’s shoot for our client Protest is a good example. Their new spring/summer 2016 campaign absolutely exceeded our expectations and we are blown away by the results!

We want to thank Protest for this great experience and hope to welcome them back for more soon…!

Click here to see the Protest Summer 2017 collection online!

Client: Protest | Photography: Elmar Krop | Hair & Make-up: Franceen Denbow | Production & Props/Set Dressing: Chicas

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