PROTEST KIDS - photo shoot in the Caribbean
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Protest KIDS SS16 Collection online!

Shooting with kids is the best! We get to play around, eat candy and learn about the latest game apps. In the meanwhile the real professionals (Chicas Mini Models) are modelling the latest fashion and getting the job done. Make no mistake – modelling is not the easiest job in the world. Early mornings, standing in the blasting sun, looking awesome. Not easy at all! And therefore we are very proud of all our kids who made this shoot a smashing success and well… the results speak for it self! You guys are rock stars!

A big thank you to all the parents who effortlessly chauffeur the models, hang around wardrobe and eat candy with us while the kids are shining on set!

Click here to see the Protest Kids Summer 2016 collection online!

Client: Protest | Photography: Elmar Krop | Hair & Make-up: Franceen Denbow | Kids Casting, Production & Props/Set Dressing: Chicas

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