Vingino Spring 2016 -
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Vingino Spring 2016

Christmas came early this year and we get to share the new AWESOME Vingino Spring 2016 collection! It’s so much fun to create sets for such a cool collection and the end results show for it!

We are very proud of all our Chicas Casting Agency mini-models who have worked so hard (yes, modelling is not as easy as it looks)…! You guys are true ROCK STARS!

We also want to thank the Vingino crew for a great time and it was an absolute joy to be able to work with you guys again!

Also we want to thank all our locations & local crew who have made all this possible.

Client: Vingino | Photography: Diego Santangelo | Styling: Anouck Goudsmit | Art direction: This is Pirate | Hair & make-up: Yvette Wong-Loi-Sing | Casting: Chicas Casting | Local Production: Chicas Productions

Vingino_ss16_03 Vingino_ss16_04 Vingino_ss16_05 Vingino_ss16_06 Vingino_ss16_07 Vingino_ss16_08 Vingino_ss16_09 Vingino_ss16_10 Vingino_ss16_11 Vingino_ss16_12 Vingino_ss16_13 Vingino_ss16_14 Vingino_ss16_15 Vingino_ss16_16 Vingino_ss16_17 Vingino_ss16_18 Vingino_ss16_19 Vingino_ss16_20 Vingino_ss16_21 Vingino_ss16_22 Vingino_ss16_23 Vingino_ss16_24 Vingino_ss16_25 Vingino_ss16_26 Vingino_ss16_27 Vingino_ss16_28 Vingino_ss16_29 Vingino_ss16_30 Vingino_ss16_31 Vingino_ss16_32 Vingino_ss16_33 Vingino_ss16_34 Vingino_ss16_35 Vingino_ss16_36 Vingino_ss16_37 Vingino_ss16_38 Vingino_ss16_39 Vingino_ss16_40 Vingino_ss16_41 Vingino_ss16_42 Vingino_ss16_43 Vingino_ss16_44 Vingino_ss16_45 Vingino_ss16_46 Vingino_ss16_47 Vingino_ss16_48 Vingino_ss16_49 Vingino_ss16_50 Vingino_ss16_51 Vingino_ss16_52 Vingino_ss16_53 Vingino_ss16_54 Vingino_ss16_55 Vingino_ss16_56 Vingino_ss16_57 Vingino_ss16_58 Vingino_ss16_59 Vingino_ss16_60 Vingino_ss16_61 Vingino_ss16_62 Vingino_ss16_63 Vingino_ss16_64 Vingino_ss16_65 Vingino_ss16_66 Vingino_ss16_67 Vingino_ss16_68 Vingino_ss16_69 Vingino_ss16_70 Vingino_ss16_71 Vingino_ss16_72 Vingino_ss16_73 Vingino_ss16_74 Vingino_ss16_75 Vingino_ss16_76 Vingino_ss16_77 Vingino_ss16_78 Vingino_ss16_79 Vingino_ss16_80 Vingino_ss16_81 Vingino_ss16_82 Vingino_ss16_83

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