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Sunuva SS16 is out…!

In March the very fun & nice team of Sunuva was here to shoot their SS16 collection with many of our young Chicas models. The new collection shows super cute prints with watermelons, navy & starfish which suits just perfect in the Caribbean ocean.  And now, in October, this SS16 collection is already online for you to shop! Here are the great results of the shoot, including a short movie. Of course we’re proud again of all of our models. We’re looking forward seeing Sunuva back in 2016! Client: Sunuva | Photography: Steve Jackson | Hair & Make-up: Yvette Wong Loi Sing | Styling: Chicas Productions | Models: Chicas Casting | Location scout & Local production: Chicas Productions sj_Sunuva_2016_00691.v3 sj_Sunuva_2016_00888 sj_Sunuva_2016_01525 sj_Sunuva_2016_02296 sj_Sunuva_2016_03027 sj_Sunuva_2016_03558 sj_Sunuva_2016_03905 sj_Sunuva_2016_00702 sj_Sunuva_2016_04833 sj_Sunuva_2016_03793.v4 sj_Sunuva_2016_04877 sj_Sunuva_2016_04979.v3 sj_Sunuva_2016_05424.v3 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_00090 sj_Sunuva_2016_02608.v3 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_00732.v3 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_01113 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_02194 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_03957.v3 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_04356.v3 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_05310 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_05711.v3 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_04089.v4 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_05756 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_01834 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_01536 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_06250 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_04767 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_05416 sj_Sunuva_d2_2016_01000.v3

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