On the road with Flair... -
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On the road with Flair…

On the road with Flair…

Dutch women magazine Flair went road-tripping with models Julie & Sue-Yenne (Chicas Curacao) showing the latest travel fashion underway…!

It’s always a great pleasure working with Flair and hope to welcome Flair back on Curacao soon!

Flair26_mode_02 Flair26_mode_03 Flair26_mode_04 Flair26_mode_05 Flair26_mode_06 Flair26_mode_07


Flair: Ilona Jongepier | Photography: Dana van Leeuwen | Hair & Make-up: Franceen Denbow | Models: Juli & Sue-Yenne | Local Casting (Sue-Yenne): Chicas Casting

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